A Photo Project


In the recent adventure photography workshop I took, surf photographer Chris Burkard encouraged us all to take on a personal photography project, basically a hobby portfolio. 


On the drive home from Jackson, I started thinking about what I wanted to shoot, just for fun. I've always been slightly obsessed with vintage camper vans, trailers and Airstreams—and the adventures that go along with them. And on the open roads of Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada, I kept driving by homes with old trailers parked out front. 

Why not capture Americans and their camper vans as my photo project? So I pulled off on the side of the road in Twin Falls, Idaho, and snapped this photo of an old deserted camper. 

I also stopped and met this guy—Jarad Muntz, a custom welder in Twin Falls, who I photographed in front of his 1981 S&S slide-in camper. He thought I was strange for wanting to photograph him and his old vehicle, but it's all in the name of art, right?