Stories Worth Reading

Illustration from the  New Yorker

Illustration from the New Yorker

Here are a few of my favorite reads from this month:

"The Spike in our Veins": A story by Gordy Megroz in the early winter issue of Mountain Magazine that documents the rise of hard drugs, namely heroin, in mountain towns. The piece isn't online that I can find, so go pick up an issue of the magazine.

"Unprotected": This is a gruesome and riveting investigative feature in the December issue of Outside magazine by writer Rachel Sturz that looks into an ongoing sex abuse scandal in youth swimming in the United States, and other youth sports. It's a dark read, but an eye-opening one. 

"The Excrement Experiment": From a recent issue of the New Yorker, this story by Emily Eakin looks at the unpleasant but revolutionary medical practice of fecal transplants. Sounds gross, I know, but apparently this process actually works for people with serious intestinal diseases.