Stories Worth Reading

Looking for some summer reading? Here are some of my favorite magazine stories I've read recently. 

"One of a Kind," The New Yorker: Writer Seth Mnookin tells the gripping tale of two parents who discover their child has a disease that nobody's ever heard of before. When doctors tell them there's no way to get more research on such a rare disorder, the couple embark on a mission to find other people suffering from the disease. It's a great piece and one that shows that in this age of information and social media, anything is possible. 

"Cameron Diaz Is the Best She's Ever Been," Esquire: Sure, this is just a celebrity profile of a flashy Hollywood figure. It's light, easy reading. But it's written by Tom Chiarella, and he's the best, in my opinion. You get inside of Cameron Diaz's head on a short hike in the southern California mountains. 

"A Fall to Earth," Sports Illustrated: This story's action takes place in a matter of seconds, yet the writer, Chris Ballard, draws it out in a dramatic style that keeps you clinging to his every word. It's the story of a skydive jump gone horribly wrong and the lasting impact on the people involved.