The Fire from Within

Photo from  Sam Cossman

Photo from Sam Cossman

What does a man who rappels into volcanoes have in common with a woman who hikes faster than anyone else on earth? Well, they're both explorers of their own kind and I recently interviewed them both. 

Sam Cossman is a filmmaker and adventurer who quit is tech industry job to spend his time documenting corners of the globe that nobody has been to before. He repels into volcanic craters and captures 3D imagery using drone cameras. Check out words and photos from Sam in this recent interview on

Then there is Anish. Or Heather Anderson, as she's known when she's in the real world and not living out of a backpack on a remote trail in the woods. I first wrote about Anish in a feature for Backpacker magazine when she came out of nowhere to peat the speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail. She was at it again this summer, trumping the record on the Appalachian Trail by a whopping four days. I spoke to Anish recently for an interview for

I learn something from everyone I interview but these two especially made an impact. Even when we think every corner of the world has been touched or conquered, folks like this show up to prove us wrong. There's still so much to see. So many corners of the globe we have yet to go.