A Story Roundup

I've been too busy writing stories for other websites to actually update my own blog—oops. But I wanted to share some of my latest pieces here, in a sort of 'here's what I've been up to' roundup. I've been covering some random and interesting topics, from space travel to basketball to beach vacations to an ongoing fued between Alaskan heli-ski companies. If you feel like catching up, here's what I've been doing:

Heli Permit Wars, Powder.com: Two Alaskan heli ski companies. One coveted chunk of land. And a fight that's lasted years with no signs of resolution.

Make any ski day look amazing, OutsideOnline.com: The trick to scoring dreamy conditions and jealousy-inducing powder footage? Don't plan ahead, and know how to fake it when conditions aren't that dreamy.

Best mid-winter tropical getaways to take the freeze off, OutsideOnline.com: Need to thaw out? Here are beaches worth visiting this winter.

Your own private Idaho, Freeskier.com: Why Sun Valley is a great place to call home if you're a skier.

How to prepare for intergalactic space travel, RedBulletin.com: The force is awakening again. Better prep for space travel.

How to sink a freethrow, RedBulletin.com: This 58-year-old soil technician from Kansas can shoot more accurate freethrows than the pros. 

How to paddle over a giant waterfall, RedBulletin.com: Do not try this at home. But if you find yourself hurling toward a waterfall's edge, take these tips from pro kayaker Dane Jackson.

Ski like a girl, REI.com: Lynsey Dyer and Sego Skis partner up on two new women's ski. 

Baby's first adventure, REI.com: So you have a kid now? That's no reason to just sit at home. Here's how to get outside, with baby in tow.