Return to Flight

I write a lot about skiing. But ski jumping? Yeah, that's not a sport I usually write about. So when Red Bull asked me to write about ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson, I suppose you could say I jumped at the chance. 

I first interviewed Sarah years ago, before she won her 2013 World Championship title. It was just after women's ski jumping was first approved for Olympic inclusion (male ski jumpers have been competing in the Olympics since the first Winter Olympics, but women didn't make the cut until 2014). She's a fighter of an athlete, that much I could tell. Hard worker. Strong. Resilient. Fearless. You'd have to be to take the kind of flying leaps she does on those giant planks they call ski jumping skis. 

Anyway, Sarah's been battling knee injuries on and off and she spent the last 18 months rehabbing from a knee surgery and wishing she could be back on skis. This winter, she's back and hungrier than ever. Check out the story I wrote on her on