Podcast Love

I love podcasts. And I've loved podcasts long before Serial came out (although I love Serial, too). (Some of my favorites to listen to: This American Life, Startup, Reply All, Death, Sex, & Money, Long Form, Longest Shortest Time, Invisibilia, Mystery Show...the list goes on. 

All of which is to say, I was honored when pro skier Hadley Hammer asked if I wanted to be on her new podcast, NausicaCast, which covers women in outdoor sports like skiing, surfing, climbing, running and more. I've been tuning into to Hadley's interviews, with athletes like Michelle Parker and Emily Harrington, and it's been interesting to listen to these women chat—it's sort of like being a fly on the wall on a girls' roadtrip in the mountains. I'm the first non pro athlete Hadley has interviewed and I'm still not sure why she even wanted to talk with me, but it sure was fun chatting! The interview is now live and you can listen in here.