Olympic Glory

The Olympic Games will make their way to South America for the first time this summer. I had the chance to speak to a handful of this summer's most promising Olympic athletes for a story about finding joy in stressful, high-profile situations for Live Happy magazine, which like it sounds, is dedicated to the science of being happy. (What's not to like about that, right?)

The feature story is out now in the latest issue of Live Happy and you can find the full story on my Writing page. I interviewed to fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, kayaker Michal Smolen, synchronized swimmers Anita Alvarez and Mariya Koroleva, and mountain biker Lea Davison, pictured above (who I happened to go to college with, sidenote). Anyway, here are a few quotes from the story that most stuck with me. 

"When I'm racing the most important race of my life, I want to make sure I'm not shaking and sweating and doing all these crazy things before I'm about to go. I want to tell myself, 'I did everything I could. I'm ready for this. I'm going to enjoy it.'" —Michal Smolen, kayaker

"Do whatever makes you happy. Don't let anyone tell you no. Above all, take risks." —Miles Chamley-Watson, fencer

"It's important to remember that nothing you accomplish that's great is going to be easy. If you're having a hard time, remember it's supposed to be hard. You have to keep pushing through and fight for what you want. The harder it is, the happier you're going to be." —Mariya Koroleva, scynchronized swimmer

"It's worthy to go after your goals and see how far you can push yourself, but it's essentially a very selfish pursuit ... You have to take in the bigger picture because there's always something to be grateful for." —Lea Davison, mountain biker