Has Whistler Solved Its Housing Crunch?

I've been covering a lot of issues related to ski towns and housing. I wrote a feature for Powder called Shelter, a story for Outside Online on the least and most affordable mountain towns, and a story for Powder.com on how to score housing in a ski town. 

This time, I wrote a piece for Powder.com on one ski town that's actually finding creative solutions to house more of its workforce than literally any other major ski resort town. The town? Whistler. Read the full story here

"There's no doubt that you need to be creative to stay put in this town, work a few jobs, live in a van for a while or squat in the woods, but that's been the case for as long as I've been here. The effort it takes to call this place home is a great filter," local ski patroller Justin Morton told me. "The ones who put in the effort and create businesses, families, and lives here, that effort is what bonds them and gives this place its strong sense of community."