Why You Need to Visit Big Sur Right Now

I went to Big Sur a couple of years ago. Camped at Line Kiln State Park, coffee at Big Sur Bakery, hiked amongst Redwood trees and along the Big Sur River, surfing at Sand Dollar Beach—it's a magical place with stunning views of the Pacific along a rocky, cliffy coast.

But this year, harsh storms have nailed Big Sur, sending mudslides over roads and destroying a bridge on Highway 1, rendering the place practically impossible to reach from both north and south. Businesses have been closed, kids have had to hike a quarter-mile up a steep hill just to get around a closed bridge to get to school. 

But, here's why now is actually an amazing time to visit Big Sur: Nobody is there. And to get there, you'll have to hike, helicopter, or ride an electric bike in. Check out this story I wrote for Outside Online