America's 10 Most Eco-Friendly Ski Resorts

With sprawling mountainside villages, water-guzzling snow machines, and high-powered chairlifts, it’s no secret operating a ski resort can be a dirty business. But in recent years, mountains around the country have started taking steps to reduce their environmental footprints by switching to renewable energy, banning single-use plastics, upgrading to water-saving snowmaking machines, and incentivizing skiers to arrive by public transportation, electric cars, or carpools. Which is all right and good, but is it enough?

To find out which U.S. ski resorts are really pushing the needle, environmentally speaking, we asked sustainability experts from organizations like Protect Our Winters, the National Ski Areas Association, and Stoke Certified for their picks. If you want to spend your dollars at a resort that’s truly making an impact, these ten spots pass the test.

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