The Homemade Ski Movie That'll Make You Want to Go Skiing

Jon Rockwood is standing in front of a sold-out theater at the Art Haus in Tahoe City, California, getting ready to premiere his 10th ski movie, appropriately called Labor of Love. He’s a little nervous but mainly excited to finally show his friends—the theater is packed with mostly people he knows—what he’s spent hundreds of hours over the last few months working on.  

“There are times when it’s like, am I really going to put this out there? I get butterflies thinking, is that joke going to work? Is that song going to work?” Rockwood said before the premiere, which took place in early November. “When I’m in the theater watching the premiere, I’m almost not watching the movie. I’m watching the audience with joy. I wouldn’t have been doing this for 10 years if I didn’t enjoy putting my heart out there.”

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