Buena Historia

Photo by Eben Mond, from Sayulita, Mexico

The makings of a good story: A beach in Mexico, a mysterious drug injected by needles, an aging doctor who once killed a man in Las Vegas, and a skier from Montana who dresses like he’s from Jamaica. It’s not everyday I come across stories like this. But I just finished up one for ESPN.com that combined all of these components. The skier, of course, is Tanner Hall, who’s suffered a series of nearly career-ending injuries but still has the drive (or lunacy, depending on how you look at it) to attempt a comeback for the 2014 Winter Olympics, where ski halfpipe will have its debut. It was an interesting story to report and after talking to Tanner about the treatment facility in Mexico he was going to, I was nearly ready to sign up myself. “You get the injections, you spin on the bike for a bit, then you go sit in the hot tub at a five star resort,” Tanner told me about the treatment. “Then you sit on the beach and eat ceviche. If you get hurt and you want to get better, there’s no better way than this.” You can find the story here.