Trailer Wars

It didn’t take long after my older sister and her husband heard about my new vintage trailer that they went and bought one for themselves. Theirs is a 1957, and looks similar to my Canned Ham-style one, only theirs was decorated with cowboy motif when they got it. Anyway, here are photos of my sister’s new vintage trailer. And below those, shots of my trailer again, which now has some fresh coats of paint and a few other restorations.

The outside of theirs looks really similar to ours. And yes, that cowgirl and horse painting is mounted on a wall inside the trailer.

Their dinette area is in a lot better shape than ours.

I wouldn’t have picked these lampshades out myself, but hey, they do fit the decor.

OK, now, what you’ve all been waiting for, I know. Images of the trailer I bought a couple of months ago, which was in great shape for being built in 1952. Here is what the trailer looked like when we bought it. And here are some ideas for how I wanted to fix it up.

Of course it has a Flylow logo. But more importantly, it now has a sweet turquoise stripe. 

And better yet, sweet turquoise hubcaps.

The trailer had drab white curtains before. So I picked out the material for new curtains, which should also help keep the heat in — after all, this is a ski trailer.

In the sleeping area, I painted the side walls white to give it more light, and added the same turquoise on the back wall. We got a new mattress and built this small shelf above the bed for storing ski gear and clothing while we’re parked.

Some fridge art that I found on etsy.

It’s amazing what a coat of paint and some new cabinet pulls will do.