Women's Movement


So many magazines and websites geared toward women are filled with fluff: beauty and sex tips, how to tone your abs in the gym, and the perfect $200 sequin tank top. There really aren’t many (or any?) publications for women who like to spend time outside, travel, and care about the world at large and want real, honest stories aimed at intelligent women. Introducing WomensMovement.com, a new site started by my friend Erinn Morgan that finally offers women smart stories related to travel, adventure, health, fitness, gear and more. 

My first story for the site is an interview with my friend Elyse Saugstad (pictured above, photo by the talented Heather Erson). Elyse was the only survivor of the Tunnel Creek avalanche that killed three of our friends last February. It’s been nearly a year since that day and not a day has passed that I don’t think about what happened and the three men we lost. I still have so much sadness, regret, and grief. But there is one good thing that came from that day: We got to keep Elyse, and for that, I’m extremely thankful.